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What Is Pro-Tumor Inflammation (PTI)?

This short video presents the mechanism by which PTI, a type of unregulated inflammation, is thought to help drive certain cancers. Learn how PTI can facilitate tumor growth and metastasis and also create a tumor microenvironment that suppresses the immune response.

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Pro-Tumor Inflammation Poster

Learn about the importance of PTI in a few descriptive steps. This overview includes information about unregulated inflammation and its effects on the tumor microenvironment, and the potential impact of PTI.


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We are exploring the role of PTI in lung cancer.1,2 The need for bold and transformative research could not be more urgent. At Novartis, we will relentlessly continue to pursue this research.

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1. Yano S, Nokihara H, Yamamoto A, et al. Cancer Sci. 2003;94(3):244-252.
Carmi Y, Dotan S, Rider P, et al. J Immunol. 2013;190(7):3500-3509.