Frequently Asked Questions about Pro-Tumor Inflammation


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Pro-Tumor Inflammation (PTI)

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Not all inflammation has a negative impact. In fact, inflammation is a healthy and essential part of protecting people from pathogens and daily threats to our health.1-3 For example, it is essential to heal injuries and close open wounds. PTI refers to a type of unregulated inflammation that has many possible downstream consequences, such as facilitating tumor growth, survival, and metastasis in certain cancers.4,5

PTI has been implicated in certain cancers, including lung cancer.5,6

There is preliminary evidence that IL-1β helps facilitate PTI by activating tumor processes and recruiting immunosuppressive cells.7-9

For more than 150 years, scientists have been exploring the link between unregulated inflammation and cancer. PTI has been recognized as one of the hallmarks of cancer.10,11

To date, no biomarkers have been formally associated with PTI. More research to find biomarkers of PTI is needed.

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